Written Testimonials


Chris and I want to thank you so much for being so wonderful during the building of our home in Surf City.  It is more than we ever dreamed possible.  We had a great summer sharing it with our family and friends.  Thanks to all the wonderful people we dealt with at your company too.

Chris and Beth Ann



It is difficult for me to put into writing my thoughts and feelings of the experience over this past year, for it leaves me speechless.  My family has expanded over the years until we out grew our old beach house.  I looked for another house for a year and half because I had no desire to go through the experience (re-building) of what I thought would be a living nightmare.

To build a house or remodel a house was a totally new experience for me.  With the support of my family we decided to do just that.  In the early planning stages the thought was to add a “couple of rooms”.  As could be expected when “5” people are involved, attempting to satisfy all of their needs, the plan grew.

Enter to our story and our lives, Craig Brearley and Ted Fluehr.  The very first plan Craig drew was beautiful.  He did 3-4 major revisions before we had a final plan.  I was trying to conserve dollars and still do the things that the rest of the family wanted.  I had told the family that once the house was started “NO CHANGES”.  As it turns out, I was the one who made the only major change (the kid’s bathroom) and thank goodness I did, because the result was perfect.  I was given lots of good advice along the way by the construction team, but probably the best advice was, “be patient, if you see something along the way you don’t like be patient, it will work out.”  I was at the house almost every week from October to May.  Every person I met who was working on the house was professional and extremely helpful.

There were visits when I just didn’t think it was turning out the way we wanted.  For instance, I was so concerned that the kitchen wasn’t big enough.  So Ted drew out the kitchen on the floor for me in spray paint, and then I could see how everything would fit.  The end result, our kitchen is perfect.  Actually, the entire house is perfect.  We spent twice the amount I had intended and I have no regrets.  As our relationship developed, I knew I needed to trust Ted and everything would turn out exactly the way I wanted, whether I knew it at the time or not.

Another of our main concerns was not to waste any summer time in construction.  Ted being a man of his word, we were all (the entire family, the dogs, and some extras) in the house on Memorial Day Weekend, as promised.  Ted said on many occasions that sometimes they get really lucky and a house has no difficulties, from supplier’s late deliveries or weather, and the house builds itself.  That may be true, but I think it is more likely Ted’s humble, graceful way of accepting a compliment to his masterpiece.

I would like to share with you a moment that sums up this experience for me.  On one of my many day trips, I was down with one of my daughters to inspect the construction’s progress.  We went to lunch after walking through the house and I said to her, “I have done a lot in my life, but this has been without a doubt the most exciting.”  I guess going from growing up on a farm in Missouri with no running water to what has been titled to my children, “Granny’s Castle” helps to understand the excitement for me.  In closing, I would like to THANK YOU for your patience, kindness, friendship and expertise.  I can’t imagine a more perfect home.

With Love,

P. J. B.


Dear Ted:

It has been six months since the completion of our new home, and Don and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The project was a pleasure for us from the beginning right through settlement. Your staff excels in everything.

Barbara always has a smile in her voice when she answers the phone, and seems genuinely happy to see whoever walks through the door. I don’t know how we would have made all of our decisions without the input of Tina. She is such a knowledgeable professional, easygoing, and a joy to work with. We always looked forward to our meetings with her.

We just can’t say enough about TJ. His presence on the job, his ability to listen to our needs, and his friendly demeanor inspire confidence in his abilities. Colette was always there to help us stay on track with our decisions and she made sure everything got done when it was supposed to be done.

The subcontractors were outstanding, particularly John, the finish carpenter, Anthony “our tile guy”, and Nhan the cabinet installer. We were always welcome on the job site and they were never too busy to answer our questions. Their attention to detail and true craftsmanship are evident throughout or new home. And the folks at BCG Marble & Granite were unbelievable! We were amazed at the time and thought they put into laying out our countertops so that everything flowed. Our kitchen is magnificent!

We enjoyed working with you and Joanne when we purchased our FIRST LBI home almost six years ago. That is why when we decided to build again, we never questioned using anyone but you. You and your company met with all of our expectations.

Thank you for making our second dream home come true!

Pat & Don


To Everyone at Ted Fluehr & Co.:

Thanks for building us such a great house and I hope you know I appreciate everything you’ve done.

Thank you once again.



Dear Ted & Staff:

We are delighted with our new house. Everyday we notice the care and quality you built into our house.

Your staff was always helpful and on top of any problems.

Barbara first said “we’ll take care of everything”. You and your staff did take care of everything.

Thank you so much,
Carolyn & Gordon



Dear Joanne, Ted & TJ:

Thank you so very much for our wonderful home. We had our daughter’s engagement party Oct. 1st and it was fabulous. Sorry you couldn’t make it. The house is becoming very much like we’ve been here a long time.

Also, thank you for John, what a life-saver. Is there anything he can’t do? Hope to see you around!

Anita & Jeff



Joanne & Ted:

We absolutely love our new house at the Beach! We only wish we could be here even more of the time!

Our family and friends are astounded when they see it, and the raves just keep coming. But the really amazing thing is how many strangers have stopped to look, and have even asked to come in for a peek. Well, you know us; we can’t wait to show it off! Probably as many people we Don’t know have seen it, as those we Do know! We just love it.

The summer and fall just went by way too quickly, but we definitely want to have you both over for dinner in the spring. Showing off our new house to you will be extra special.

Love Always,
Jo & Rich



Ted & Joanne,

Thank you so much for building our dream home! Your staff and subcontractors are fantastic and we appreciate your hitting all our deadlines.

All the best,
B & S —


Ted & Joanne:

Thank you for building us the most beautiful house on Long Beach Island. From the moment we met both of you about a year ago, you helped to make our dreams come true (all rather painlessly, too). You were kind, honest, and fun, too!

Every person who represented you in the construction of the house was professional, friendly, courteous and extremely thorough. Even after we received our C.O. and moved in, your subs and workers continued to maintain the high standards of your company. It was an honor and a pleasure to invite strangers in to inspect the fine workmanship at 1501 South Bay.

Please feel free to use us anytime as a reference.

E & R



Ted & Joanne:

You always know just what to do, that’s why this note brings warm thanks to you! Needless to say, we are very proud of our new home and to you both, the wonderful “family” you have at the office, and “the guys”, our deep thanks for your kindness and help. Much happiness and success in the future.

J & S



Dear Joanne & Ted:

Mark and I just want to say “Thank You” for all that you do—and have done for us. We really appreciate the ongoing service you provide to us whenever we need you. This is our way of saying thanks and as a small token of our appreciation.

Thanks for Everything,
S, M, M & S



FYI – a builder friend of ours stopped by to see the house on Sunday and commented on how beautiful the construction was. Thank-you and please pass this along to all. (Our friend is quite picky – he even commented on how clean the job site was)




Dear Ted & Joanne

Linda and I just wanted to write and tell you how much we appreciate the summer home that you recently completed for us. We can’t put into words how much we like the house. It is just beautiful! Having built our main house 5 years ago, I only wish it had gone as smooth as this did. From Leith’s design all the way through completion, all went like you said it would. Everyone on your staff that we dealt with (Collette, T.J. John, Randy and Karen) were extremely helpful and a real pleasure to work with. We never once questioned any of their suggestions, as all input was appreciated. Please let everyone on your staff know how much we enjoyed working with all of you. See you soon.

Morris & Linda



Ted & Joanne

It has been just over a year since we permanently moved into our home on LBI.  The house is still a work in progress but we are extremely happy with your overall finished product.

We also thought it was about time that we sat down and wrote a note of thanks to you and all your construction workers and office employees for a job well done.  In particular we want to single out Colette who at times went beyond her normal duties to solve or handle problems that surfaced.  She always answered our e-mails in a timely manner.  We still don’t know how she juggles all her work.

Please let her know what an exemplary valued employee she is to your company and the professional services she provided to us and all your customers.

P & J



Dear Ted,

Now that we are into the Labor Day weekend and the pressures of the season may be easing, I thought I should write to tell you how very satisfied we are with our decision to work with you in the construction of this house at 27 E. 36th St.

Your team performed in what can only be termed exemplary fashion, and while there was some anxious moments about the actual completion on the schedule that we had originally anticipated because of the unwanted interference by a neighbor that delayed the start as planned, it all came together on a very reasonable schedule.

Special mention needs to be made of Colette’s truly professional and skilled attention to the coordination, and John’s and TJ’s professional attention to the myriad construction details.  All were conscientious and determined to deliver the product promised on your side and expected on our side.  So, Pat and I offer our thanks to them at our congratulations on a job well done.

Of course, we cannot overlook the terrific job done by your office team, and here make a special mention of Karen and Barbara.  We also know that the person who is your RPS, Real Person Supervisor, Joanne, was the mastermind behind the perfect design and execution.

The subcontractors were of uniform high-quality, and we are grateful that you picked Joe Muzyka and Glenn McPherson, really superb people and greatly skilled.  The other subcontractors were also skilled and very helpful, and we enjoyed working with each one.  We appreciated the recommendation of Josh Kline who did a first-rate job for us on the landscaping and fencing.

All in all, a very impressive experience, and we are prepared to bear witness to your skills at any time and for any purpose.  You may certainly have perspective clients call us or contact us by e-mail (which may be easier, given our travel schedule) for an enthusiastic reference.

In terms of follow-up, your team has been excellent, and the Punch list was addressed immediately, small as it was.  There will be a few remaining items, but minor in nature.

R. V. A., Brant Beach, NJ



Dear Ted and Staff:

I would like to take a moment out today to say thank you for the beautiful job you did on our new home at 7206 Ocean Blvd in Brant Beach.  All to often you hear horror stories about those that build homes.  Patricia and I can not say that.  We were completely pleased with the treatment that we received from you and your entire staff.

I knew from the very beginning that things would go well and we felt completely comfortable after our first meeting with you and the rest of your office people.

Please be assured that should anyone ask who built our home I would gladly tell them that it was you.  We would highly recommend you for any future building.

May we offer a very simple but most sincere thank you for job well done.

H. S., Brant Beach, N



Thanks for going the extra miles!

It’s been a pleasure working with you.

The DeCaw Family 



It was a pleasure working with all of you!  Thank you for all your help!

Perry & Maigherita


Dear Joanne & Ted

Mar & I just want to say “Thank you” for all that you do and have done for us.  We really appreciate the ongoing service you provide to us whenever we need you!

This is our way of saying thanks and a small token of our appreciation.  Enjoy!! Thanks for everything.

Sue, Mark, Morgan & Sydney



We would like to extend a special thank you to both of you for making our building experience comfortable and pleasurable! Thank you for being patient and supportive to us throughout. We will be proud to say that our home was built by Ted & Joanne Fluehr.




Dear Ted,

I cannot fully expressed how pleased I am with my new construction.  The stair tower is very beautiful.  No matter how many times I look at the new area, or use the steps, I am in awe.  I almost have to pinch myself and say “is it really my house?” Relatives and friends rave about it also.

The recent bad weather has been a confirmation that adding the garage was well worth the expense.  In the years to come, I’m sure I will appreciate more and more how much safer the stair tower and garage are.

Your staff is terrific!  At the start, Leith offered suggestions about the placement of windows, oak stair rail, adding a garage, etc.  All of his input has added that extra special look and touch.  Collette and Ken were efficient and helpful at all times.  As I said before, I was proud to have the Fluehr sign in front of my home.  I am just as proud to show off the excellent quality of your work.

I wish you, your family and staff a very Merry Christmas.  May you have a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year.

Thank you,
C. B. M., Brant Beach, NJ